The practice of women shaving and styling their pubic hair is a major trend.
bushy cut
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 flame cut
toothpick cut
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Women young and old are now expected to style their pubic hair. An untamed bush is rare and likely to elicit a comment from a new lover such as: "Wow, you have a really pussy!" 
Most women in their 40's and 50's prefer a slightly trimmed bush, mostly for convenience. 
The first popular exposure of a shaved pussy was in 1970 in Britain's Penthouse Magazine. 

Since that time there has been a steady increase in the number of shaved vaginas in pornographic magazines and videos.

In a counter trend, there are a whole bunch of men who prefer a hairy pussy.
Your Grandmother, of course, has a thinning grey bush that was probably only shaven for childbirth.
It started on the French Riviera, where women shaved their crotches to wear a bikinis on the beach without their pubic hair sprouting of their suits. It was either that or tuck it in and hope for the best.
almost nothing cut
When Brigitte Bardot' appeared topless on a St Tropez beach in 1967, it was clear she 
had shaved much of 
her pubic hair. 
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