Boy-Leg Bikini
Sporty GT
Basic Bikini
Wax and Bleach
The Wedge
Landing Strip
Additional variations include the shaving of the scrotum,penis, base of penis shaft, perineum and butt crack.
Is shaving pubic hair a Gay thing?
It certainly felt a little gay to draw these meticulously rendered pictures of pubic hair styles for men. 

I never drew a penis before.

I did draw balls once, but that's another story.
The answer is Yes and No. 
In general, gay men tend to be more involved in their grooming than heterosexual men in terms of shaving their chest, arms, legs and pubic hair. 

But that is only anecdotal, and may be somewhat of a stereotype. 

What it comes down to is what your lover prefers. 

There is also a belief that shaving one's pubic hair makes your penis appear larger. Can there be a better reason?